Holistic Pelvic Energy

Are you experiencing a feeling of imbalance in your life?

Do you wish you had more connection to the real you?

Do you feel like you are being held back by things that happened in your past?

Are you experiencing monthly pain with your period or PMS?

Do you feel you did not heal properly after the birth of a child?

Is menopause causing you to feel out of your mind?

Do you wish you could find that power inside of you that you know is real?


Believe it or not, all of these concerns can be lessened by a deeper connection to your pelvic region. In ancient cultures, it was understood that women held great power inside their wombs and pelvic bowls. This power was honored and respected. In our culture, just about everything about our pelvic areas is considered negative and a nuisance. We are inflicted with shame for our sexual feelings. We are taught that our menstrual cycles are “a curse”. We see women in white outfits playing tennis during their menses, instead of resting in a “red tent” like our ancient ancestors.


The tide is changing, though. Women are taking back their power. We are teaching one another how to live in gratitude for the flow of our cycles. We are communing together to become stronger as one. We are teaching our daughters to honor the menstrual cycle and their sexuality.


Holistic Pelvic Energy is an amazing first step to beginning this for you. Our first session will be one hour online meeting. We will get to know one another and then have an energy session. I will lead you through the pelvic bowl visualization process, a process you will be able to do afterward, any time you need it. You will leave the session feeling more grounded, connected, and likely with powerful insight into further healing and/or changes that are needed to get you where you want to be. Repeat sessions are offered as well. All you need for your session is a quiet space where you will not get interrupted.



Session Pricing:

Single Session: $150 for one hour.

Package of 3 Monthly Sessions: $375 (save $75).

If you are interested in an online Holistic Pelvic Energy session, please send me an email at jenowen@jenowennp.com for availability.


If you are located in Oregon or will be traveling through Portland, come and see me at my clinic, Bloom Pelvic Therapies.


In the meantime, come on over and join my Facebook group, too, Pelvic Health with Jen Owen, N.P.