Online Consulting

The healthcare system can be a giant maze and online information is often no help! Many people are wanting a more Integrative/Holistic approach to their health, but don’t know where to turn. Because of that, I am offering Online Integrative Medicine Consultations. I can help you sort out what you are going through.


Integrative Medicine does not simply treat symptoms. It is really digging to find the root of the problem. The body produces symptoms and dis-ease to signal you that something is off. If we listen right away, the body will make the appropriate adjustments and the symptoms will fade. If we ignore the signals long enough, many processes become activated in an attempt to regain balance. It is our job in Integrative Medicine to find the basis of the symptoms, so that they can be relieved for good!


Working together online, we will dig deep. Believe it or not, the root of the problem is often not that difficult to uncover. It is my feeling that Conventional Medicine has forgotten physiology. Physicians are trained only to know what drug treats what symptom or what surgery treats what disease process. Our culture forgot to listen to what the body is saying. Only “band-aid” approaches to health are considered.


I have created a new way. I have been working in natural medicine since 1992. I am also a Nurse Practitioner. This allows me to walk between the worlds of natural medicine and conventional healthcare, creating a bridge between the two. That is Integrative Medicine.


I can review your test results and understand your medications as an educated healthcare provider, while also understanding the physiological processes your body is experiencing on a deep level. I can recommend medication changes or eliminations to discuss with your healthcare provider. I can recommend supplements and herbal therapies understanding interactions with medications. I can see how what you are eating is affecting you.


We may work together for just one session or many, depending on your individual needs. I will help you develop a plan that works. I am frankly sick and tired of Americans feeling sick and tired and I am here to make a change, to see things a new way, to stop the madness that is our healthcare system today!


See below for FAQs for my general online consulting. If you are ready to schedule an appointment, please email me at for availability.


Frequently asked questions:

Session Pricing and Scheduling?

Initial Online Private Consulting Session: $225 for 60 minute visit


Follow-up Online Private Consulting Sessions: $150* each

*Packages are available: 3 sessions for $400 or 6 sessions for $850. All packages must be used within 6 months of purchase.



Will you be my healthcare provider?

No. I will not. You will need to have a local healthcare provider who can order your testing, prescribe medications, and do any needed physical exam. All information provided to you is for educational purposes only and should be discussed with your healthcare provider.


How will we work online?

I used a service called Zoom. You will need to download the program to be able to use it, but it is fairly simple to use. If you are not online or do not have a computer with a webcam, we can also work by phone. When you are ready to get started, send me an email to for availability.