Pelvic Health

As women, we hold our greatest potential in our pelvic region. When there is imbalance, symptoms will arise. As younger women, imbalance might appear as menstrual cramps or PMS. As we get a little older, menstrual symptoms may continue and/or worsen and we can experience heavy bleeding, fibroids, cysts, prolapses, issues with sex drive, and more. Conventional care will treat these symptoms with birth control, other medications, and often, surgery. What we are not told is that many of these symptoms can be avoided or healed by restoring proper balance in the pelvic bowl.


I have been formally trained in Holistic Pelvic Care™ (HPC) and Holistic Pelvic Energy (HPE) by Tami Kent, creator of HPC and author of Wild Feminine. Both HPC and HPE facilitate healing and allow women to return to the powerful creators they are meant to be. In doing this work, I have seen powerful transformations in not just healing symptoms, but allowing women to understand themselves more deeply and connect to their greatness. All women benefit.


If you are located in Oregon or will be traveling this way and would like to see me in my Portland Integrative Women’s Health clinic, Bloom Pelvic Therapies, please visit that page for all the details.


One of the most amazing parts of working with the pelvic bowl is that a good part of the holistic pelvic healing can be experienced from a distance. I am very excited to be offering distance HPE sessions. Click here to learn more about what to expect and how to schedule. I would also love to have you join my Facebook group, Pelvic Health with Jen Owen, N.P.