Women’s Well-Being Activation

In my over 5 years of clinical practice, there is one phrase I heard over and over again, “I just don’t feel like me”. Women are feeling tired and just plain “blah” and no one is listening. They are being told by medical professionals that there is nothing wrong with them, so they must be depressed. The amount of anti-depressants being prescribed is astounding and these same women aren’t feeling any better.

Something has to shift.


I am sick and tired of women not being respected for what they know about their own bodies. I am frustrated with women being given bogus diagnoses and treated for conditions they don’t even have. I am exhausted of the stories of the way our healthcare system is working right now, especially for women.

I commit to being part of the solution.


There is so much to do to improve your energy, your mood, your ambition, and your experiences in the bedroom. I have often been in awe of the simple shifts that end up making all the difference for my clients. It’s usually just an activation; finding the right combination of foods, supplements, body movements, and daily living modifications that will change everything.

I am ready to be your guide.


As a Nurse Practitioner, as well as an Integrative Medicine expert and Herbalist, I can walk both worlds. I understand the conventional medicine side of things. I know when a medication or procedure is truly necessary, but I also know when they are not. The combination of deep understanding of both conventional and holistic therapies, gives me a unique perspective on how you are feeling.

I am ready to help you sort this out.


My Women’s Well-being Activation Program works. I combine all areas of my expertise to work with you to develop a plan that gets results. Whether you are looking for more energy, weight loss, improved mood, increased libido, or just long-term feeling great, I have the tools to get it all done.

It’s your time and you deserve to feel the way you want to feel.


What women are saying about working with me:

“Jen is the best. I appreciate her so much. She has helped me more than anyone has ever. I believe in her. Her work is really special.”-Leigh H.


“Jen, was an answer to a prayer that I had prayed long before I met her. I asked God to give me will power and self control over my eating habits and for a doctor to come right out and tell me exactly what I needed to do. Jen did that. I have lost nearly 20 pounds in the last year and a half or so. I will always be grateful!”- Rochelle B.


“Jen Owen has been an integral part of my road to wellness. She is so patient and knowledgeable, good at listening and passionate about her work. I highly recommend her to help you get to the root of your health issues!”- Heather H.



Here’s how my Women’s Well-Being Activation Program works:

This is a three month program. We will meet online weekly for the first four weeks. This will give me time to get to know you, your history, what you have already tried, and most importantly, your goals. We will dig deep to find the root of your symptoms and develop a personal plan to get you back on track. After the first month, we will likely meet online every 2-3 weeks, as needed to check in, adjust the plan, and keep you on track.

I will want to review any testing you have done and may recommend further testing with your primary care provider.

Your plan will include everything from food adjustments, supplement additions, and exercise recommendations to daily yoga poses, meditation suggestions, and other body balancing techniques.

My tool box is full and ready to get to work with you!


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Regardless of how we connect, please know I am here to help. You can follow my videos on YouTube, join one of my¬†online groups, read my many blog posts, or simply sign-up for my newsletter higher up on this page, all for free. I want you to have well-being. What does that look like for you? What are you desiring to feel like every day? Isn’t it time you found the help you need? Let me know what part I can play.


I am excited that you found me and look forward to connecting in whatever way works for you. And don’t forget my offer to give you a 30-minute session totally for FREE! Schedule your session right here right now.




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