Private Consulting

If you are like most people, you find that you often wonder why you can’t seem to do what you set out to do regarding your health goals. You get great ideas and a whole bunch of motivation. Then, after a day or two, there is nothing, and you are right back where you started or maybe even worse!


Do you feel out of balance? No mind-body-spirit connectedness?

Would you like to feel more bright, shiny, and whole?

Do you feel like you are just surviving, rather than thriving?

Are you out of whack with your self-love and self-care?

Would you like to have more resilience and sustainable health?

Does your attitude toward yourself and your lifestyle need an upgrade?

Would you like to feel more vitality in your life, like you are really flourishing?


In my years as an Integrative Health Nurse Practitioner, I have learned that finding and fixing the blocks that keep you in your ruts is the key to unlocking your path to your best self. Over the years, many people have come to me looking for a quick fix. They don’t want to take medications, so they think there is a magic “natural” solution that will help. These clients don’t usually last that long with me, because I know that the real issue is something they usually don’t even see.¬†Everything that happens to us affects us and we can carry these things through our entire lives. They hold us back and keep us from our potential, until we sort them out.


My experience has enhanced my deep intuition into what these blocks are all about. I almost always know the real issue with a client within in the first 10 minutes of chatting. Those who are open to facing these blocks often find profound insights and are able to make lasting changes quickly and easily. Are you ready to face your blocks?


I offer private online consultations to anyone who is ready. I only want to work with individuals who are primed to face their “stuff” and eager to work through the resistance that is likely to show up. Consultations are also likely to include discussions about supplement regimens, nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc., but I am serious that I don’t want to work with you if that is all you are looking for.


I will not be your NP. I will not order testing for you or prescribe medications. You will need to have a practitioner for your primary care. If you are in Bloomington, Indiana, I highly recommend Kerrie Davis, FNP to fill this role for you. Wherever you are, you will need someone else to take care of your medical needs. That all said, I might look at your labs with you, recommend testing if I think it could help, and let you know when I think you have an issue that requires local care.


Working with me is about having your own private health mentor and advisor. I will help you unravel what is restricting you. There will likely be tough love involved and I will hold you accountable to your plan, but I will also be there to help you when your blocks make appearances and I will equip you with many tools to deal with them.


I am offering you the opportunity to work with me from anywhere in the world. I have had hundreds of patients and I can honestly say that almost every single one has felt better from working with me. Those that have felt the best were ready to face their “demons” and move on to a freer, easier, and more care-free life.


If you feel this sounds like you, feel free to shoot me an email at to learn more and get started. I assure you, you will be glad you did.


If you are a previous patient, click here and enter the password to see your special pricing packages. If you did not receive the password via email, send me a message and I’ll get it right to you.