I have compiled this list of the most common books I recommend to my clients. Check back regularly, as I am adding books all the time. Click on the image for more information for each.


Personal Development Books:

Louise Hay is one of my favorite authors for making life changes. This book guides you through processes to release your past, so you can focus on the present. Also includes a helpful list of emotional causes for physical symptoms.


As a companion to the above, or on it’s own, this is one of my favorite affirmations books. I like to scroll through and pick one to read out loud every evening before bed.



This is a fabulous book for those of us who like to self-sabotage just when things are going well. For people, life has always been full of drama, disappointments, and problems. When we begin to move away from these things, we have a tendency to try to bring them back up again, because that is what we know and are used to. This book helps explain why we do it and how not to do it.


When I read this book, I am full of uh-huh’s and oh yeah’s. It is written by a MD who figured out that mind over matter really is true and that the power of positive thinking really works. She provides study after study proving her points. An excellent read, especially if you have chronic issues and feel like giving up.


This book will blow you away! It is written by the people who first started talking about the Law of Attraction and produced the movie, The Secret. It is one of the only books I have read that really explains who to begin thinking more positively. It helps you learn to go from point A to B and not just directly to Z.



You can’t go wrong with any of Eckhart Tolle’s books, but this is my favorite. Most of us are either stuck in the past or totally focused on the future. We rarely are ever present just where we are. This book will explain why now is the only thing we really have and how to stay more present in the moment.


Seasonal Health:

I have been using this book for years. It integrates Chinese Medicine, with Western Herbalism, lifestyle, and nutrition. Every season of the year is discussed in regards of what to eat, what herbs to take, and how to treat your body for optimal health as the weather changes.





Family Health:

Rosemary Gladstar will always be my favorite teacher. I took her online course back when she actually graded the work. This book is great for beginners and those who want to heal their families more naturally.


This is maybe one of the best books of remedies for the whole family, written by Aviva Romm, an Herbalist, Midwife and now MD.


Coloring Books:

Research is showing that coloring is as good as some forms of meditation for calming and centering the mind.


Planning Books:

These planning tools are the best way to get perspective on 2015 and move into a Shining 2016 in your life and in your business. You can buy one or a combination of books. The Daily Planner is set up so you can evaluate each month and set goals for the next. The Shining Life Planner helps you learn what you need to from 2015 and set up how you want to be in 2016. The Shining Biz Planner does the same for your business. I already have the wall planner up in my home office ready to kill it in 2016!


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