Distance Consulting

The healthcare system can be a giant maze and online information is often no help! Many people are wanting a more Integrative/Holistic approach to their health, but don’t know where to turn. Because of that, I am offering Distance Integrative Medicine Consultations. I can help you sort out what you are going through.


Distance Integrative Consulting will begin with a one-hour conversation for you to tell me your story and for me to get to know you and understand your situation. I will then ask you to send me all pertinent testing, reports from other providers, etc.


After I have all of the information, I will prepare multi-page consultation report, which will include:

  • more detailed explanations of your diagnoses from a holistic view
  • more detailed explanations of your results from a holistic view
  • additional testing to request from your health care provider
  • medication considerations, including side effects, possible benefits, supplements to take with medications
  • supplement considerations, including pertinent herbal therapies
  • other alternative modalities to consider


You will get your initial conversation, review of all of your results, plus your consultation report for $497. Ongoing consultations are also available.


To find out more and schedule your 1st conversation, email me at jen@jenowennp.com.


I look forward to working with you! Please share this new, exciting service with your friends and family who might need help navigating the course through the health care maze.




Disclaimer: Distance Integrative Consultations are not meant to take the place of your regular healthcare. The relationship established is only that of a client/consultant relationship. This is not a patient/provider relationship and all information given is for educational purposes only.