Online Education

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Health Transformations E-Course

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Culinary Herbs for Health: The Benefits of Cooking with Herbs (Audio)

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Free Interactive Facebook Groups: 

Real Food with Jen Owen, N.P.: a group to discuss transitioning your table to real foods. Here we share our journeys, frustrations, ah-ha moments, and get down and dirty about the dangers of factory foods.


Pelvic Health with Jen Owen, N.P.: a group to discuss my work with Holistic Pelvic Care™ and Wild Feminine, the works of my teacher and mentor, Tami Lynn Kent, the importance of realigning with the feminine, and staying grounded in our pelvic bowls at all times.


Zen with Jen: a group to discuss mindfulness in daily life, learn to meditate, take time for yourself, and stay present and enjoy every moment in your life.