After suffering from chronic sinus infections and the overuse of antibiotics, a friend introduced me to Herbal Medicine. I stopped taking prescription meds, cleaned up my diet, worked on my mindset, and cured this condition for good. Since that time, I have been gathering health information from every source possible and have now put it all together in my work combining natural and conventional medicines. I have great passion for helping people learn to eat real food and live happily in the present.


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My main goal in life is to have FUN! I have fun at work, home, and at play. I love bluegrass music, especially the modern “jam grass”. I enjoy hula hooping, dancing, gardening, reading, and Zumba. I love to spend time with my husband and my son, laughing, watching funny shows, and conversing. I infuse fun into everything I do. I can show you how to do this, too!



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