In my work, I act as a mirror, reflecting the hidden depths of others back to them, so they can see their own mysteries for themselves. I support and teach others by drawing on my own intuition, sense of calm, and emotional connectedness. I help others learn to cope with life’s challenges. I share my knowledge and experience from working with natural medicine and mind-body awareness since 1992.


My years of experience allow me to understand what keeps people from their goals. I have a unique ability to tune into what you are feeling and help you make sense of it in a sensitive and compassionate manner. I am a fun, warm-hearted, nurturing, caring, and compassionate provider. I provide a safe harbor for you to explore how you can trust your own intuition and listen more deeply to your inner voice and the feelings you are getting from the outside environment. This then opens you up to more balance in your life, increased vitality and daily energy, more fun, and a feeling of thriving rather than just surviving.



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